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Indi & Cold


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San Sebastián, 1991.

It’s been 27 years since Diego and Gonzalo Santaolalla ventured into the world of fashion.

indi & cold is the result of many years of experience and adventures in the sector. The brand was born in 2012 after the merger of Indi woman and Cold Alaska.

This was when Cristina Villar, Gonzalo's wife, joined the team as its third member. After a long career in the world of fashion, she came on board as the brand's Creative Director.

The brand is still just one big family, despite today having a team of over 100 people, 98% being women.

"We like the closeness that is created in the company, not only among our own team but also in the relationships we maintain with partners, collaborators and customers”.

The Indi & Cold women's clothing collection offers you a feminine and beautiful fashion, carefully and uniquely. HARVEST BEAUTY has selected for you blouses, shirts, shirts, dresses, pants, jerseys, coats and scarves with a romantic, youthful and current style, perfect for all.

The Indi & Cold collection pays special attention to the details and the use of natural fibres with elaborate embroidery. Each and every one of the garments in each collection bear the unmistakable stamp of this special brand.

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Indi & Cold San Sebastian Spring & Summer Collection 2019